Serving the Needs of Every Type of Organization & Industry

Providing Businesses & the Community with Quality Discount Programs & Services

National Benefit Builders, Inc. (NBBI), a New Jersey Corporation, continues to earn the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau. Under the leadership of the founders NBBI continues to provide the discount program marketplace with comprehensive affordable discount programs and unmatched service.

Established in 2001, today NBBI owns and manages ten companies: Starting with America's Drug Card which discounts over 400,000 monthly prescriptions for the uninsured community, NBBI has grown to include access to provider networks and lifestyle discount programs, medical credentialing and consulting, technology for data management, and cybersecurity solutions.

When asked about NBBI's greatest achievement Kevin Faherty, President and CEO commented "NBBI's long term business and customer relationships have contributed to our ability to grow and continue to provide our valuable programs."

NBBI: The Partner You Keep.