Discount Rx Testimonials

I had to write this email to thank you so much for the Rx Prescription Drug Discount Card you gave me. I put it to use this week. My husband takes Losartan for high blood pressure. We get our prescriptions in three months supplies but last order must have been short because he ran out 30 days early. The doctor called in a 30 day supply to Publix. When I went to pick it up I knew the insurance wasn't going to pay so I ask if they accepted the Rx Prescription Drug Discount Card. The clerk took the card and typed in the info, then said oh my goodness, I said did it help? She said I've never seen a card give such a discount. Then the pharmacist came over and asked what kind of card and where I got it. She was truly surprised! The medicine cost $113.95 and after the card discount my total was $14.21!! That was a $99.74 savings!! I truly can't thank you enough! I am anxious to let all my friends and family know about these cards and the savings they can expect. Please send me some more cards to hand out, so many families in need of help. - Sincerely, Sharon M.

My ex-husband and I buy our prescriptions every month together. He and I save $305.00 a month-woohoo!!!...I take 7 scripts a day he takes 5. Because of our savings we have (a true blessing) freed up money we can now use for other things. - Received by Christal S.
"I'm calling you to find out how I can get more cards from you. My husband, who is in the Medicare Donut Hole, had to purchase anti-seizure medication. This medicine would have cost him $140.00 with no coverage. But, thanks to the card, it only cost him $30.00. I would like to know how I can get more cards because I work with seniors in the donut hole for an advocacy group. They could really use the assistance in saving money on their medicines."
- As told to Frank M.

My daughter Christina called me and said, “MOM my antibiotic the doctor just prescribed me is $86.00. What do I do?”
I said, “The little red card Tina!” She got her script for $17.66 at rite aid. Incredible. 
- Received by Christal S.

...I was surprised to find out that the card is valid with no gimmicks, and my prescription was half the cost of my insurance co-pay.
I will use this card in the future, and have requested additional cards for my daughters. – Buzz

Wanted to share a success that I had with the free discount drug card: Had to get a prescription for my son (he had an upset stomach, Zantac 15mg/ml syrup), Retail price was $174.95, with my insurance would have been $84.73, with the free discount drug card it was $32.38. I guess you know which one I used. Have a great day! - Damon